About Damien

Who is Damien?
Damien is a British chef who lives in Amsterdam with 22 years experience, starting in the kitchen as an apprentice at 15 years old, straight from school, cooking has been his passion ever since.

What is Damien’s experience?

He was the executive chef at Microsoft & Nike before taking up the post of Executive Chef at Hutten.

What is Damien’s drive and culinary vision?
Extensive travels have shaped Damien’s pallet, vision and beliefs in food, he believes in the freshest ingredients with a strong provenance, supporting local growers and producers, cooking food in purest form, uncomplicated food, letting the quality of the ingredients and fresh flavours speak for themselves, just helping them onto the plate and matching up the flavours to complete a dish.

Why write a blog?

This food blog is a place for him to share his recipes and ideas with his colleagues, his chefs and his customers. A place to receive feedback and share knowledge, techniques and news.

What does Damien see as the Future of food?
He see’s the future of food as being a big focus on transparency and cooperation with technology, every dish bearing the correct nutritional information, including the provenance of the ingredients and food miles, he believes peoples priorities will change around food once the data is channeled correctly.

 Why Enjoy – Thrive
He strongly believes that most people are looking to strike a balance when it comes to food. Nutrition is a complicated subject. So he has broken it down into 2 moments. Food that feeds the soul and food that fuels the body.

Enjoy = occasionally  

“The Guilty pleasure & food for the soul, pure enjoyment” 

Thrive = more

“Packed with nutrient dense – plant-based foods, which should fill your plate at most meals. These foods will help you keep full, satisfied & focused.”