The Green Goddess

The Green Goddess is a powerfully Nutritious salad, its a salad that has a physical connection with your body, it brings massive amount of nutritional goodness, packed with Fiber, Protien, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and the avocado brings the right fats into play, this dish will deliver long lasting energy and give you a spring in your step.

This bowl of wonderful goodness should be the poster boy for healthy eating, i prefer mine with a little chilli oil and coarse sea salt. The whole dish has a really nice texture and flavour profile, the Quinoa works well with the deep Brasic flavours of the greens; the mint and parsley bring in a Lebanese element to the salad. The salty crumbly feta just finishes off the dish.

The Green Goddess is a great dish to take to work, eat at your desk, you wont have the dreaded 3pm dip, you will end the day on great form.

Photography By Frank Verbruggen

The Green Goddess

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Serves: 4 Cooking Time: 20 minutes


  • 1 head of broccoli cut into bite size pieces
  • 120g frozen peas
  • ½ cucumber cut into long thin slices
  • 100g good quality feta
  • 2 tablespoons toasted seeds
  • 1 fresh avocado sliced
  • 200g cooked Quinoa (follow packet instructions)
  • 1 Hand full Flat leaf Parsley, chopped roughly
  • 1 handfull of fresh mint, chopped roughly
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil (chilli oil if you want extra spice)



Pour 4cm of hot water into a lidded saucepan with a pinch of salt, bring to the boil. Drop in the broccoli and replace the lid.


After 2-3 minutes once the broccoli is nice & green and still has a lovely bite, drain the broccoli, and run it under cold water, this will remove the heat and stop the cooking process.


Now take all the ingredients together and mix gently in a large bowl and allow to stand for 2-3 minutes, then drizzle over the olive oil and top with a pinch of salt

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